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NROL-71 Rescheduled: December 18, 5:57 PM.

NROL-71 has finally been rescheduled. Due to launch on December 18, this now creates a very interesting day with four launches in a 24 hour span. These four launches, in chronological order, are:

GPS-IIIA-1, SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 Expendable, SLC-40 @ Cape Canaveral, 12.18.2018 14:11 UTC (6:11 AM PT)

CSO-1, Arianespace Soyuz 2.1b, Soyuz LC @ Kourou, 12.18.2018 16:37 UTC ( 8:37 AM PT)

NROL-71, ULA Delta IV Heavy, SLC-6 @ Vandenberg AFB, 12.19.2018 1:57 UTC (12.18 5:57 PM PT)

GSAT-7A, ISRO GSLV MkII, Pad #2 @ Satish Dhawan Space Centre, India, 12.19.2018 10:30 UTC (2:30 AM PT)

If you have also signed up for this month’s tour at Vandenberg (more on this soon) it lines up on this exact day at 1 pm. Definitely poised to be a very busy day at Vandenberg!

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