We Are Space Scout

About Us

     Space Scout was founded in Dec. 2019 by Lavie Ohana (@lavie154) and David Diebold (@MatoroIgnika), both of which had worked on predecessor projects that would eventually lead to the site’s creation as early as 2017. Space Scout was created with the mission statement of providing accurate space reporting and launch viewing information. Over a year later, and we are now a team of ten spanning the entire U.S. capable of reporting on-site at four different spaceports.

     Space Scout is, at this time, a volunteer-run, non-commercial group. As we expand, this may change, but if you are interested in volunteering and contributing to our site and social media feeds, reach out to us, either via Twitter, or through our Discord community, which you may join by clicking here.

     For administrative, business, or other serious inquires, contact the managing editor at [email protected]

Header image credit: An Tran / Space Scout

The Team

Lavie Ohana – Managing Editor, Co-Founder



Lavie is a student from Los Angeles, CA, and the co-founder and managing editor of Space Scout. When not writing about spaceflight, she’s a photographer and rocketeer, working with the National Association of Rocketry and helping start the Hot Nozzle Society in 2021.

She’s also a graphic designer, making Space Scout’s infographics and designing mission patches in their spare time. She’s seen a majority of recent launches from the West Coast, including her first,NROL-45, in early 2016, sparking a love for spaceflight that goes on to this day.


Twitter: @lavie154
Email: [email protected]

David Diebold – Writing Team Lead, Photographer, Webcast Producer



Loving being behind the lens in more ways than one, David is Co-Founder, editor, photographer and webcast host for Space Scout, as well as a Twitch Partner. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1993, he’s been chasing down rocket launches since 2016.


His passion for live-streaming led him to streaming the rocket launches on his trips down to the Space Coast in Florida, which eventually led him to getting better and better camera gear. After photographing the CRS-18 mission during the NASA Social, a love of photography was sparked, eventually leading to him buying his first DSLR in late 2020.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatoroIgnika

Photo Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidJDPhotos

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/davidjdphotos/

Website/Portfolio: http://www.davidd.photography/

An Tran – Photography Lead, Reporter



An aerospace nut that got his hands on a camera, An is a photographer that tries to make it out to as many launches as he can since 2019. From Texas and usually based in Florida, he’s an aerospace engineering student, rocketry enthusiast, and everything in between.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_space_nut 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_space_nut/ 

Website/Portfolio: https://www.antphoto.space/

Derek Newsome – Social Media Lead, Photographer



Hailing originally from Orlando, FL, Derek Newsome has been a longtime fan of spaceflight. He spent most of his early life living in Cumming, GA, where he played football for his high school. There he began to realize a number of his passions, including motorsports, roller coasters, and a reignited passion for rocketry.


After moving back to Florida in 2021 for college, Derek soon joined Space Scout as a launch photographer, finding he enjoyed launches even more as a photographer than before. 

Now with over 50 launches under his belt, Derek continues to look forward to each and every launch, watching them with the same passion as his first launch as a kid.

Twitter: @DerekdotSpace
Website: derekspace.com

Andrea Lloyd – Reporter


Andrea Lloyd is a space science communicator located in South Dakota. Their professional interests include public space literacy and spaceflight public relations history. When not writing about space science for work or in their free time, they gravitate towards baking breads and pastries while watching true crime and air disaster documentaries. Please send recommendations to @SciCommAndrea, they’re running out of content.


Twitter: @SciCommAndrea

Astrid Cordero – Photographer



Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Astrid came to the States at 10 years old and has been in South Florida since then. She currently resides in Orlando, FL to focus on her passion for rocket photography and pursue her career in Aeronautical Engineering. Her love for photography began in June of 2017 when she witnessed the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 for the first time, She’s been chasing rockets since then, and is now a photographer for Space Scout.

Nick A. – Contributor



Nick is a space debris hunter and environmental scientist from the East Coast, whose research has included the human influence of garbage, colonialism in space, and the greater understanding of the human influence on the cosmos. In their free time, they enjoy a nice good book, murder mysteries, and spending time with animals.

Twitter: @defconfuck


Matt M. – Contributor, Social Media manager


Passionate about all things aerospace, Matt is currently a student studying in Michigan with the intent of earning a degree in aerospace engineering. He’s currently a member of the F.R.C. team 85 design group and is in the process of joining the Civil Air Patrol. He also previously owned and operated Final Frontier Updates. Matt runs the Space Scout TikTok, with over 260,000 followers, and is also a site contributor.


Twitter: @AstroMatter